The Story

“…and it comes down to this. Burning Season’s here.”

Jason Photo

Four guys. One Goal. Make the best music possible and enjoy doing it. With the release of the new album “Burning Season” The J.Kelley Band has matured into a tight force of nature. A band with distinct individual tastes and personalities, they each have found their voice and space within this new record.

Rob Photo

“I wanted to write songs about adults and adult relationships and that can be messy. Love isn’t always pretty and graceful or happy like you see in the movies…this is dirty and raw and alive and that’s how I think we played it…which was great. For an album with such heavy subjects we had a blast making it and loved every second.” – JK

John Photo

From the spiraling cacophony and grandeur of the opening guitar solo by lead guitarist John Fernandes, to the heartbeat-like backbeat and punk precision of Tom O’Leary’s drumming, to the masterful groove and aching vocals of Rob Massoud bass playing and harmonies, to the impassioned immediacy and honesty of JK’s lyrics and singing J.Kelley tried to set a mood with this new record. Each new album has tried to build and grow upon the previous and the band has very little interest in making the same album twice…

Tommy Photo

”I think our catalog is pretty strong and we keep getting better. It’s always going to sound like me on some level because I’m the singer, but i think we like to approach each album differently with a different concept and vibe…this is the first album the four have us have made together and we know we’re onto something special. We wanted to capture how we sound live and make an album that was raw and dirty and mature and real and I think we accomplished that.”

Now we can’t wait to make the next one….